Avanton Productions produces creative
documentaries, which observe
humanity and the world
around us with a personal
and sensitive touch.

To Siberia, With My Love

Peter Flinckenberg

This film is a road movie about a retired couple travelling for the last time to difficult conditions in the Siberian tundra which they love. The couple overcomes many challenges in order to once more experience stagnant time and the natural ways of life with their friends, the reindeer nomads.

Script: Peter Flinckenberg / Samu Heikkilä
Director: Peter Flinckenberg
Cinematography: Peter Flinckenberg
Editing: Samu Heikkilä
Music: Olga Shishkina
Sound design: Janne Laine
Production: Sonja Lindén, Avanton Productions
Length: 67′
Completion year: 2017