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humanity and the world
around us with a personal
and sensitive touch.

Research on Dance House

Salla Sorri

Already in the 1930s a wish for a house entirely dedicated to dance was expressed in Finland, but it took almost ninety years for funding to be secured. In 2017 a three-year research project promising to support the shared vision of creating a house dedicated to all forms of dance was launched. The film follows the construction of the House of Dance through the participatory ethnographic research project “The Good of Dance”.

Script and directing: Salla Sorri
Cinematography: Hannu Käki, Päivi Kettunen, Alvi Pakarinen, Peter Salovaara ja Salla Sorri
Editing: Helena Öst, Salla Sorri, Jerem Tonteri
Sound design: Toni Teivaala
Original music: Toni Teivaala
Consultant for dramaturgy: Lena Runge, Sweden
Graphic design: Jaani Kivinen
Colour grading: Hannu Käki
Photographer: Ella Kiviniemi
Producer: Jussi Lehtomäki
Executive producer: Sonja Lindén, Avanton Productions
Length: 59 min
Completion year: 2022