Avanton Productions produces creative
documentaries, which observe
humanity and the world
around us with a personal
and sensitive touch.

To Siberia, With My Love

This film is a road movie about a retired couple travelling for the last time to difficult conditions in the Siberian tundra which they love. The couple overcomes many challenges in order to once more experience stagnant time and the natural ways of life with their friends, the reindeer nomads.

A Home in Memory

A Home in Memory explores the relationship between identity and environment. What does it feel like to give up the family home and with that, traces of many generations? The film documents this process and provokes thoughts about what we give up besides the physical objects.

Becoming Me

Becoming Me follows three young women, each of whom writes a blog on her life and struggles with her own and contemporary society’s expectations. The film is a journey from alienation towards the slow process of accepting yourself, reaching out for others and trying to find the lost feeling of belonging.

Blood Sisters

An intimate, observational documentary about sister-hood. About being a twin sister – how you’ve lived through the trauma of terrible abuse together with your other half and how she one day might not be there to take for granted anymore.