Avanton Productions produces creative
documentaries, which observe
humanity and the world
around us with a personal
and sensitive touch.

Blood Sisters

Malin Andersson

An intimate, observational documentary about sister-hood. About being a twin sister – how you’ve lived through the trauma of terrible abuse together with your other half and how she one day might not be there to take for granted anymore.

Script and directing: Malin Andersson
Cinematography: Kate McCullough / Päivi Kettunen
Editing: Erik Bähving
Sound design: Henrik Gugge Garnov
Music: Rebekka Karijord
Production: Malin Andersson, Malin Andersson Film (Sweden), Cormac OCuinn, Solas Productions (Irland)
Co-production: Sonja Lindén, Avanton Productions (Finland)
Other co-producers: Hege Dehli, Mechanix Films (Norway), Signe Byrge Sörensen, Final Cut For Real (Denmark)
Duration: 52’/80′
Completion year: 2014


Festivals and Screenings:

Prescreening BUFF, Malmö, Sweden
Prescreening Lilla Filmfestivalen, Båstad, Sweden
World Premiere in competition: Hot Docs, Canada
Nordic Premiere in competition: Nordisk Panorama, Sweden
EMZ Internationel Doc.Filmfestival, South Korea
Budapest International Filmfestival, Hungary
Sudbury Best of Hot Docs, Canada
Noordelijk Filmfestival, Netherlands
Tblisi International Film Festival, Georgia
Gothenburg Film Festival, Sweden