Avanton Productions produces creative
documentaries, which observe
humanity and the world
around us with a personal
and sensitive touch.

Silas, min Silas

Julie Bezerra Madsen

Silas, My Silas is a love story about a mother’s efforts to prepare her still-seeing child for a life of blindness. She has herself experienced losing her eyesight, and she is determined to teach Silas how to handle a life of blindness better that she has managed. But how do you teach your child to be confident in a world with no eyesight when you have yet to come to terms with your own visual impairment?

Script/director: Julie Bezerra Madsen
Cinematography: Julie Bezerra Madsen, Mads Kongerskov
Editing: Signe Rebekka Kaufmann
Sound design: Janne Laine
Production: Katrine Sahlström, Good Company Pictures, Denmark
Co-producer:Sonja Lindén, Avanton Productions, Finland